My Energy Engineering degree involved me in Project Engineering and Operation activities as Project Engineer, Process Specialist, Project Manager, Technology manager and Consultant during my 20 years career.

Aiming to be(come) multi-skilled & driven to understand the complete picture I’ve been involved in every step of projects; (Pre)-sales, Cost calculation, Conceptual Design, Feasibility studies, Automation & Control, Commissioning, Process follow-up and optimization and trouble shooting. This in combination with a practical mind has allowed me to develop a helicopter view for the strive to find the best solution.

I’ve worked in International companies (Siemens AG – Europem NV – Group Machiels – Tractebel Engineering /ENGIE) on projects or studies all around the world (Belgium – Netherlands – France – Estonia - South-Korea – China – Rwanda-US).

Fortified by this diversified experience, I set-up my company “LSM Consulting” with the objective to continue providing services in the field of thermal processing / conversion of solid, liquid and gaseous waste streams.

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