LSM Consulting

Consultancy services for environmental projects

Company profile

LSM Consulting provides consultancy services and expertise for energy recovery from waste or biomass and air pollution control, from conceptual design and feasibility study phase to implementation. In addition LSM Consulting collaborates with foreign technology suppliers of (flue)gas cleaning systems, solutions for exhaist air treatment and energy recovery.

Fields of expertise

LSM Consulting has specific experience with

Energy from biomass & waste

Rotary kilns

Fluegas treatment & energy recovery

Conversion of pulverised coal fired powerplants to biomass (co)firing

Biogas CHP

Proces simulations with HSC Sim software

Proces control and optimisation

Representations & links

LSM Consulting is linked with

Fivemasa - Northern Europe (ex. UK)

LSM Consulting represents Fivemasa SA (ESP)

Fivemasa, with head/engineering office in Bilbao and own specialized workshop in Valladolid supplies systems for fluegas treatment for among others waste-to-energy and biomass plants. Fivemasa can supply individual pieces of equipment, for new or existing lines, or complete turnkey systems.

Almost 40 years of experience, complete in-house engineering, design and manufacturing of almost all equipment (incl. fluegas fans) allow to provide reliable solutions meeting most stringent requirement yet respecting your budget.

Clean Technology Systems – Belgium

Lode Smeets is technology consultant for CleanTechnologySystems Belgium

Clean Technology Systems Benelux is authorised business partner for Dürr Systems AG in the Benelux and delivers state-of-the-art plant technology solutions of Dürr to minimize emissions in industrial processes and improve energy efficiency.


Triple D Mobile degasser

The Triple-D mobile RTO is recently developed by CTS Benelux with the support of Dürr Systems AG.

Opposite to the known mobile flares a Triple D unit can operate autothermal (once the operating temperature is reached) resulting in significantly lower CO2 (up to -98%) and NOx emissions.

A Triple-D unit of 5000 m³/h is equipped with an onboard extraction fan, bio-propane e-generator and storage tank for fully autonomous operation, all assembled on a single standard trailer.
The Triple-D is therefore easy transportable for use in various locations for a shorter or longer period of time.



Some of our services

  • Technology review
  • Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Studies
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Proposals and project cost calculations
  • Expertise for process development & plant mass and heat balance modelling using HSC Chemistry software
  • Project engineering
  • Assistance for conceptual / basic Engineering, process control and plant commissioning
  • Proces optimisation
  • Staff trainings 
  • Business development
  • Diversification Strategies and Implementation
  • Representation of foreign technology suppliers


Some of our recent references


Study for the thermal treatment of a residual stream of glass fines in a rotary kiln (in collaboration with Delta-EM).


Consultancy services for process control optimisation for a rotary kiln waste to energy plant in China


Assistance to a turn key supplier for environmental projects to step into the market of solid Waste-to-Energy, resulting in the acquisition and realisation of international reference projects.

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